Titanic Hotels Yachting is presented for you to experience the hospitality of Titanic Hotels which brings modern, elegant and stylish approach together with luxury and comfort and have a different Titanic Story through a special experience.

The Mediterranean Riviera, welcoming millions of tourists every year with its archeological, natural and cultural beauties, almost like the Garden of Eden, draws attention with its unmatched texture which has survived from the mythological era to our age.

Antalya and Bodrum, positioned in almost fascinating locations with their mystery, miracles, perfect characteristics and natural beauties, are known with reflecting all beauties of the nature.

The turquoise blue sea, marvelous pine forests, breathtaking views, virgin coves, the unique tastes of the Mediterranean and Aegean cuisines and a geography smelling like history...

You can enjoy clear waters by taking swimming breaks at matchless coves. While, having your evening drink or coffee with your loved ones before the sunset, you can experience pleasing moments by watching reflections of the hues of blue, green and brown on the nature, count stars while sleeping on the deck at night and wake up to a new day with energy.

A brand new and perfect story to enjoy several hidden paradises and the most beautiful coves waiting to be discovered in the Mother Nature.